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Policy Change

As of January 1st, 2016 we will no longer issue credits for isolated skip service, minimum will be one month of service. Reason is that 90% of the amount you pay goes towards running the company – trucks (vehicle itself, maintenance, gas, insurance), salaries of employees, office (billing and customer service), insurance and other expenses. Issuing isolated represents a loss for the company beyond the dollar amount that we would credit your account because it takes time to issue the credit, communicate to the drivers to skip service on that date and follow up with the customer that it was done – emails and phone calls.

Waste Management Services


Since June 1st of 2009, we have encouraged new and current customers to receive their invoices via email.

Help us generate less paper and keep costs in the office down, as we try to keep your rates the same.

Monthly Billing -

Quarterly Billing -Billed out every 13 weeks.

Semi-Annual Billing - Billed out every 26 Weeks. Customers choosing this billing cycle will receive a 5% discount on the cost of trash.

Annual Billing - Billed out every 52 weeks. Customers choosing this billing cycle will receive a 10% discount on the cost of trash.

Auto Bill Pay - This means we will charge your card when your bill comes due and send a paid invoice confirmation. You can have AUTO BILL PAY on any of the billing frequencies.


As of September 2008, Clean Green Sanitation has made it mandatory that all tenants signing up for trash services pay via debit or credit card. You are either a Homeowner or a Tenant. All tenants mush pay via AUTO BILL PAY no matter which frequency or billing options are chosen during sign up. Homeowners have the option of choosing either payment via check or credit card.

Payment Options:
Check via mail

Debit/credit card
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Direct Trade (We will consider your goods or services in trade for trash services.)

Invoices are generated in advance and due by the 15th of the service month. If payment is not received by the 15th, we will generate a pink SERVICE HOLD notice. This will get sent to you with a STATEMENT of the status of your late payment and usually means your service has been put on hold. Payment is due immediately to resume service.

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