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Policy Change

As of January 1st, 2016 we will no longer issue credits for isolated skip service, minimum will be one month of service. Reason is that 90% of the amount you pay goes towards running the company – trucks (vehicle itself, maintenance, gas, insurance), salaries of employees, office (billing and customer service), insurance and other expenses. Issuing isolated represents a loss for the company beyond the dollar amount that we would credit your account because it takes time to issue the credit, communicate to the drivers to skip service on that date and follow up with the customer that it was done – emails and phone calls.

Trash Removal and Recycling FAQ's


Please note:
Thanksgiving day is one of the three days out of the year Clean Green Sanitation does not perform collection services.

The following are some of our most frequently asked questions and our answers. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q: What is the mailing fee?
A: As of Jan 1, 2012, we have added a $1 per printed & snail mailed invoice. You can avoid this fee by switching to a less frequent invoicing plan or having your invoices emailed. Please email or call to make the change.

Q: By what time should I have my trash at the curb?
A: 7:00 AM

Q: Do I have to bring my trash out to the curb?
A: All standard accounts are priced as curbside. You can ask for Custom Service and pay for the special arrangement.

Q: Which day of the week is my trash day?
A: Here's a link to our Services Page. Our town trash pickups are listed by day.

Q: What if I miss or am going to miss my bi-weekly pick up?
A: Email or call to let us know about the miss. We will schedule a SWAP pick up to happen on the in between week or credit you if you are going to be out of town and not generating trash. Then your regular bi-weekly pick up will happen on the normal schedule.

Q: My trash day lands on a holiday. What do I do?
A: Clean Green Sanitation picks up trash on all Monday bank holidays as usual. The only days we do not pick up trash are: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. Customers must hold their trash until their next scheduled pick up. We will expect a double quantity of trash the following weeks. Extra charges will be assessed if you produce more than 2 weeks worth of volume. If you cannot wait until the following week please call us to make special arrangements for an additional charge.

Q: What if I forget to put my trash out in time?
A: Call or email to let us know that you forgot as soon as possible. If the trucks are still in the area, we will call the driver to have them go back to your house. If it is too late to go back and you are a weekly customer, please put your trash out the following week and we will make a note to expect double. If you are bi-weekly, we will schedule a SWAP pick up for the “off” week. If you are a monthly customer, we will schedule pick up for the next week. To re-schedule for the next week will be at no extra charge. If you cannot wait until the following week, then special arrangements must be made an additional charge.

Q: What if Clean Green forgets to pick up my trash?
A: Please call and notify us right away and we will make suitable arrangements to get your trash when we are in the area next. Due to conservation of fuel and keeping costs low, we may ask you to wait until the following week if we are not going to be back in the area.

Q: What if I am going to be out of town?
A: Please notify us ahead of time. We will SKIP pick ups for the amount of time you will be gone and credit your account. No credits will be issued after the fact because we have already spent the time and effort to pick up at your location.

Q: How much trash do I put out?
A: Clean Green Sanitation has 3 quantities. Please see our Trash Service page for quantity description. If you put out more than the quantity you are paying for, you will receive an Extra Rubbish Charge.

Q: What is the Burlington Recycle Tax?
A: This a mandatory tax for the residents of the city of Burlington only. The Burlington Department of Public Works contracts one hauler to pick up all recycling in the city of Burlington. Burlington residents are charged a monthly tax of $4.00 for each house or unit. The tax is collected by the individual trash haulers of residents and forwarded to the city of Burlington. *We do not like this system because we have nothing to do with Burlington residents’ recycle. We feel each homeowner/landlord should be billed directly as part of their water/utility bill. Many renters and those who bring their trash & recycle to the dump do not get charged this tax. Let the Operations Supervisor at the Department of Public Works know their system should be changed by sending an email! If we don’t charge Burlington Residents this tax, we will loose our license to haul trash in the City of Burlington! Yikes...

Q: What if the roads are insanely icy or snow-covered?
A: Occasionally and at our discretion, we choose not to put our trucks and drivers on the road when conditions are too dangerous. If you are unsure if we are coming, please call us. We will have a recorded message as to the pick ups related to the weather conditions.

Recycling FAQ

Recycling FAQ