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**We pick up every holiday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day**


Clean Green Sanitation picks up curbside, non-hazardous, bagged, household rubbish. We cannot pick up hazardous materials, bio-degradable yard waste, or recycling in your regular trash bags. Please review the list of items considered hazardous before beginning service.

We offer Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly pick-up service options. An average family of four will use one 65 gallon cart and 1 good recycle cart per bi-weekly. If you only put out 2-3 kitchen bags or only 1-33 gallon cart of trash per week, then we suggest you use a 65 gallon cart and have bi-weekly service. If you have a duplex or triplex, we suggest you use 1-95 gallon cart per week.

“Please call or email our office for a quote. Our pricing structure is in the process of being changed to meet Act 148 guidelines.”

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Carts - We offer 35gallon, 65g or 95g size, dark green carts for curbside service. Although, we have found that many people already own their own trash carts & in certain instances prefer to use their own. Therefore, we have left the wheeled, curbside cart as optional. If you decide to use your own, we will provide you with a company sticker for the side of your cart so our drivers will recognize your cart. If you don’t have a Clean Green Sanitation sticker, please email and we have our driver put it on your cart.

Additionally, if at any time your CGS cart gets damaged, please call us and we will swap it out for a different one. We handle these carts like a leased item.

We now offer 35 gal wheeled carts for curbside service. Please let us know which size you would like to rent.

Custom Service
You can get your trash picked up near your house/garage on a regular basis. An additional fee will apply depending on the difficulty of the service. Custom service may be only seasonal depending on the difficulty of the driveway.

Bagged Trash Only - Be aware, Clean Green Sanitation picks up bagged trash only! We do not have trucks with automated arms, therefore our drivers must handle each bag individually. Loose trash will fall to the bottom of your cart. Please empty it into a bag to have it picked up. Please clean your rental cart at least twice a year.

Extra Rubbish
You will be charged for trash exceeding your quantity and frequency. Extra rubbish charges are determined by the driver and are called in to the office. The charges are based on the driver’s expertise on weight and their knowledge of your account.


NO-SORT Recycling - We pick up recycling every time we pick up the trash, depending on your frequency. We follow the guidelines from the CSWD. Please review the All-In-One Recycling List. Increasing recycling is a great way to decrease your trash volume and save money by lowering your frequency or your quantity.

*Your recycling must be clean otherwise it is considered trash!*

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BLUE WHEELED CART - You can choose a 35gal or a 65gal wheeled recycling cart, depending on your location. At any location you can put out your recycling in the blue bins which are free from CSWD or cardboard boxes or your own plastic, labeled bin. If you would like a sticker to identify your recycling container, please call the CSWD office (802-872-8111) and request the proper stickers.

*UPDATE 7/1/2014*
Recycling Rates - Recycling rates are now roughly 15% of the cost of trash cost per bill. For this small fee, we will pick up unlimited recycling per week. Monthly customers have a flat rate of $4.50/month for recycling.

Six Types of Recycling

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Dumpsters are typically for use with multi-unit housing, small & large businesses, schools, etc. They are picked up weekly or bi-weekly. We offer sizes between two and 8 cubic yards. Rates can vary due to volume and weight of the customer’s trash. Additionally, providing recycling service is mandatory with dumpster service. Please call or email for a quote.

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Clean Green delivers a container and you load it yourself. Roll offs are beneficial for household clean outs, roofing, siding, construction debris, etc. We have 10, 15, and 20 cubic yard containers (14’L x 8’W x 3 to 8'H.) Put recycling materials on top or to the side and we will remove it before dumping the container, saving you the weight & cost. We can recycle metal and clean wood inside roll-off container. Please call the office to find out how to prepare your container correctly.

Yard Debris - Sharing a roll-off container with your neighbors can be an economical solution to major yard or street clean-up projects. Do not mix yard waste with trash. The weight of yard waste is worth just getting a separate Yard Waste container. You can put in tree trunks and the branches that are attached with that tree. No leaves or grass clippings at this time.

Normal Wear and Tear - Clean Green Sanitation is not responsible for the normal wear & tear on a customer’s yard or driveway due the delivery and pick up of a roll off container.

Roll Off Billing Info - A credit card payment is due to book your container, otherwise cash/check is due upon delivery. Once your container is weighed, you are billed for any weight over the included weight. Rates include all hauling fees and one week of usage time.

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Banned Landfill Items

We specialize in doing special pick ups! Your special pick-up might be:

Trash Pick Up |Burlington VT

     Waste Removal Burlington VT
• Apartment/House clean outs, couches, mattresses, etc.
• Larger than your normal trash amount up to about 500lbs
• Odd size items, very heavy items
• Appliances, metal
• Large quantity of trash

Typically, we can accommodate extra trash on your trash day. When you have odd things or an unusually large quantity, you must call it in to us. We will then fit in your Special Pick Up the next time we are in your neighborhood. The benefit of a special pick up is that customers can recycle some or all of their load and it should cost less than using a roll off container. Prices of special pick ups vary, so please call us for a quote. We have a minimum trip charge of $40.

Household Hazardous Waste Pick-Up - To learn more about what common household hazardous wastes are and how to reduce their production, visit the Chittenden County Solid Waste District website.

Hazardous waste should not be included in your household rubbish pick-ups. A few examples of commonly overlooked household hazardous materials are antifreeze, motor oil and oil filters, household cleaners, and aerosol cans. Please make a large effort to keep these items out of your daily trash. Find out when the Drop Off Centers at CSWD are open or when the Rover is coming to your town and get rid of your hazardous waste for FREE!