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Trash Removal, Rubbish and Recycling in Underhill

    Clean Green Sanitation's

Sticker Program

Clean Green Sanitation is proud to be the current sanitation provider for the Town of Underhill and has been since 2006. Please take note of the following points regarding our service to you.

  • Your pick-up day is Thursday
  • Both rubbish and recycling will be picked up weekly
  • Please make sure to have your rubbish and recycling out by 7 AM
  • Visit CSWD for more information on what household items we can recycle for you
  • We are also pleased to offer other many other services such as dumpsters, construction containers, appliance removal and other special pickups detailed in the services area of the website
  • In the event that foul weather prevents us from picking up on Thursday, pickup will be Saturday

One sticker is good for 1, 40 lb bag of trash. A large black bag must have 2 stickers because they hold 60 gallons of trash. By putting out a bag with a sticker, we will pick up recycling for free. If you want just recycling picked up, you can put one sticker on the actual recycle and we will take it.

Purchase stickers at $6.00 each at the following locations:
  • Wells Corner Market
  • Jacob's Corner Market

Becoming An Invoiced Residential Customer

You do not have to buy stickers if you become an invoiced residential customer. Just call the office and sign up. You will get a cart and pay for your trash by invoice.

Special Pick Ups Or Extra Rubbish

If you are an invoiced residential customer, you may put out your extra rubbish with your trash and we will bill you accordingly. You must call ahead if you need a Special Pick Up.
If you are a sticker customer, you must call into the office and schedule the extra for the next Thursday. Your contact and credit card info will be taken. Upon pickup, the driver will call in the extra charge to the office and we will process payment. Or, you may meet the driver and give him a check on the spot.

Roll Off Containers

Underhill residents receive a 5% discount.

Travel along on a cold, crisp day as Clean Green Sanitation picks up for the beautiful Town of Underhill.